Reflections on reading

Well, I’m back at it. I had to take some time off lately due to some family circumstances (my father ended up in the hospital) and naturally I wanted to be with him while he recovers, however, I must admit I’ve missed being here. I’ve always found that when I don’t write my mind isn’t as clear, I don’t feel as much at peace as I would like to be. As I wrote in my book, I find that I develop some sort of neural constipation when I don’t write. Writing is therapeutic, relaxing, and it’s always allowed me a great opportunity to express my mind often providing me with greater clarity. It’s never mattered if I write fiction, nonfiction, or even a college paper (my favorite was about creation mythology). It doesn’t matter because either way you look at it, it’s me, my mind, my feelings being expressed in some form. It can be a character I’ve invented but in a very real form, it’s me… just in a different shape and different aspect of my personality.
But anyway, I started a new book… reading it that is. Well, to be honest it’s not a new book for me and that leads into what I started thinking this afternoon.
I first discovered Gardner’s Mickelsson’s Ghosts per a recommendation from a friend years ago, way back in ’92. I tried reading it but, I found it dull and put it down. A few years later, I tried again… and again, there was no interest but, this time mainly because I felt I couldn’t relate very well to it. A few days ago, I found myself wanting to read it again and dug through my stacks and stacks of books I have lying around my house and found it. I really couldn’t say why it popped into my head but, I followed my gut, my instincts, my impulse.
I’m finding that I’m enjoying it immensely. Weird huh? But maybe not. It occurred to me that… perhaps in life, sometimes we are just not ready for a particular work. Perhaps we haven’t matured enough or we don’t have the right perspective. Perhaps we haven’t had enough or even the right life experience tucked under our belts to appreciate what that work is trying to teach us. In other words, I think with a lot of works of writing, we have to be in the right frame of mind or have found the right timing in life, either accidentally or otherwise, to be ready to get the most out of a piece of literature, to allow it to flow through you, become a part of you and enhance your life.
Maybe the trick is to trust yourself, trust your gut, and have the awareness inside of you to feel that now is the right time in your life to allow a book in and what it has to teach you. Is that the way the universe works… in its mystical way? That things happen when they are supposed to and it’s up to us to have the faith that they will.
I think that there is a force, whatever you want to call it, that whispered in my ear that now is the time for me to read this wonderful work. Now is the time for me understand what I need to in this book so that I can broaden my life, my perspective, my view of the world, and who I am.
Yet another ingredient of the magic that is writing and reading.
Have a great night world.

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